Joanna Gleich

You don’t remember Joanna Gleich’s work in terms of individual paintings, but in terms of individual gestures, multiplying themselves up to the point where they create a huge, time and space-based work of art: the painting of Gleich. Exemplifying the various definitions of her name (Gleich, German), her works seem very much like immediate gratifications of color on canvas! Just the right amount, equally distributed. But it’s not color per se that justifies her work, but how this color is applied.The thing that transfers from one work to another is her brush-stroke gesture; as if a canvas, or ten or a hundred are not enough for this gestural sign to reach its goal, but like an eager maniac, it always wants more; it’s always the next canvas that it wants to possess. Multiplying itself, the gesture eventually covers everything, but always erases parts of its past by doing so.

Therefore, her work can only be seen as a whole piece, and from a time based perspective. One must indulge himself the sight of her work like a bath of milk in color, for the eyes!

More of her works here.