Art Austria 2014

Art Austria opened its doors again this year, last evening at Leopold Museum, in Vienna. The fair is opened until Sunday, everyday starting 11 o’clock. For more information click here.

As a general impression, this years’s edition is seems to be focused  even more than last year on ‘traditional’ mediums, with a clear majority of  paintings, drawings and sculptures, as opposed to video, new media and installation art. An interesting new appearance is however, art & function, a 2012 established Platform for artistic practices that try to combine Art, Architecture and Design, where you can see and test the newly invention “Evolution Door”, by Klemens Torggler.

Besides this, there is also a feeling of Déjà-Vu  at the fair, as I encountered works that were on display at the previous edition also.

There is no online-platform for the works on display this year, so the only chance to see them is to go there.

Bellow, a small selection of works:

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