Landscape in your mind

Landscape in my mind, the new exhibition in the Kunstforum Bank Austria, curated by Florian Steininger plays with the notion of landscape art photography in an attempt to deconstruct it and its traditional meaning by stating that the landscape is produced much more in our minds and much less by the objective of the camera.  Showing current artistic positions of international landscape Photographers from Hamish Fulton to Andreas Gursky, the exhibition focuses on the landscape as the surface of the relationship between men and nature and through that positioning itself as mental projection of our environment perception.

Thus, the works shown do not state for a proof of the existence of the photographed, but emphasize the question of whether what is photographed is actually there, or is it through photography that the existence arises? A distort mirror of reality, the landscape pictures become a hybrid Tableau between Fiction and Abstraction, allowing the photographer to be the creator of images which is a level closer to the absolute power of creation we attribute our gods to.

The exhibition is on display till 26th of April 2015 and can be seen daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Fridays till 9 p.m.)//Address: Freyung 8, 1010 Wien.

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